With an outstanding eye, dedication to connoisseurship, and an appreciation for scholarship, Ira Spanierman cultivated a reputation as one of the country's preeminent experts in American Art, his gallery known and trusted by institutions and collectors around the globe. Over the course of two days, Rago celebrates Spanierman Gallery and its dedication to 19th century, early and modern 20th century American Art.

28–29 April 2021
11 am eastern

by appointment

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Everett Shinn Winter in Paris

William Merritt Chase The Backyard, Shinnecock, Long Island

Aaron Harry Gorson Hudson River Scene

Spanierman Modern

Spanierman Gallery also represented several Modern artists and this special auction features works of by some of the most influential painters and sculptors of the time. Find works by Simeon Braguin, Burgoyne Diller, Gerschon BenjaminEmil Bisttram, Bill Alpert, Irene Rice Pereira, and Solomon Ethe, to name just a few.

CLEVE GRAY, Fanfare #4 | ragoarts.com

Cleve Gray

Fanfare #4

JAMES LECHAY, Nude | ragoarts.com

James Lechay


GERSHON BENJAMIN, Daffodills #2 | ragoarts.com

Gershon Benjamin

Daffodills #2

BURGOYNE DILLER, Untitled (Facade with Stairs) | ragoarts.com

Burgoyne Diller

Untitled (Facade with Stairs)

DAN CHRISTENSEN, Eclipso | ragoarts.com

Dan Christensen


EMIL BISTTRAM, Abstraction | ragoarts.com

Emil Bisttram


SIMEON BRAGUIN, Untitled | ragoarts.com

Simeon Braguin


JOSEPH AMAR, Grey and Black Abstract | ragoarts.com

Joseph Amar

Grey and Black Abstract

John Henry and John Alden Twachtman Greenwich Gardens


28 + 29 April 2021
11 am eastern

Preview by appointment
21 – 27 April 2021

For additional information
609 397 9374

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