A Prodigy in Paris

The Art of Anne Harvey

Though she was born in Chicago in 1916 to a family from the aristocratic Near North Side, Anne Harvey spent the majority of her life in France, surrounded by some of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Her family, especially her mother and two aunts, were well-connected, progressive and deeply interested in the arts with her favorite aunt, Katherine Dudley, being an artist in her own right. Anne showed immense talent from a young age and after family friend, Jules Pascin, noticed her intuitive skills, it was Katherine who brought her to live with her in Paris where she moved in a circle that included such illustrious artists as Brancusi, Matisse, Leger, Miró and Calder. 

Upon arriving, Matisse was particularly supportive of Anne’s artistic education and encouraged her to begin her studies with Brancusi. A close relationship developed between the student and the teacher and continued throughout Anne’s career in which, though she was in close proximity to Brancusi as well as others from the Paris art scene, she honed her distinct style of painting, one that was both deliberate and linear. Despite her shy nature and limited participation in exhibitions, it was this unwavering confidence apparent in her work coupled with her instinctive talents that earned Anne the respect and admiration of some of modern art’s most brilliant minds.