Judith Schaechter often incorporates humor, struggle, and strong emotion into her work—the present lot is no exception. It quite literally represents the year 2000 in visual form and was intended to be a humorous experiment with color and design. The theme is her cynical take on the impending millennium and the almost existential dread that came with it. Its tongue-in-cheek title perfectly encapsulates her approach to difficult subject matter and, given the multitude of turbulent and distressing events of the year 2020, remains more relevant than ever twenty years after its creation.

Beholding a stained glass window can enable, encourage, and literally enact the process of being filled with light…It’s so persuasive not because the pictures are convincing narratives but because the colors are overwhelming and the light is sublime…and, by golly, it’s coming from inside you, it’s part of you.

Judith Schaechter

Judith Schaechter b. 1961

Judith Schaechter is a world-renowned stained glass artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1983 with a BFA in Glass. Schaechter quickly discovered her love of working in stained glass and made it her chosen medium. She is one of very few contemporary artists who works in stained glass – rather than blown glass – and has enjoyed an influential role in not only reviving this dying art form, but making it relevant to today’s art scene.

She embraces the traditional use of stained glass and its ability to enlighten and inspire through the universal and transformative power of light, intense color, and imagery. Her works incorporate concepts of love, violence, sex, sadness, struggle/suffering, and, ultimately, beauty in each of her complicated, dazzling pieces. Rather than positioning her audience in a particular narrative, her scenes create and ambiguous setting in which the viewer can draw his or her own conclusions. Schaechter's creations can have a profound affect, much like the depiction of saints and martyrs of medieval stained glass, though in contrast, her subjects are secular. Her work pushes boundaries in both medium and concept, and effectively transforms suffering to physical beauty with grace, power, and elegance.

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