Baltimore Silver

Baltimore silver is distinguished by its repoussé work and tight voluptuous detail, often involving flowers and, more specifically, the rose. This sale features pieces from all three of the major players, S. Kirk & Son (1815–1979), Schofield Co. (1930–1967), and The Stieff Company (1892–1979). 

These three silversmiths competed with their respective rose-themed patterns: Kirk’s Repoussé, Schofield’s Baltimore Rose, and Stieff’s Rose (formerly Maryland Rose). What began as traditional repoussé work, which involves pushing and shaping raised pattern from the back of a piece, transitioned into cast silver from very intricate dies that were then hand-chased and engraved with greater detail.

The unique yet cohesive work of the three makers has come to signify an important part of American silver history.