Arthur King

When searching Arthur King in today’s technological world, you are first served with King Arthur and that is not all that bad, for Arthur King is in fact a legendary jeweler. He taught himself the craft, while serving in the U.S. Merchant Marines during WWII. By the 1970s, his freeform gold designs using the lost wax process were instantly recognizable and sought throughout the world by jewelry connoisseurs. The distinctive settings held equally distinctive gems, out of the ordinary, and often completely natural in form, rather than cut. Think of baroque pearls, emerald crystals, coral, turquoise, geodes, and amber.

The Arthur King boutique in New York City captivated an exclusive clientele, including Clare Booth Luce, Barbara Hutton and Mary Hemingway. Created as an Aladdin’s cave, dark and fit with natural wood and unique objects, the space was a wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosities. It lured in visitors with confidence seeking a new look and King's sculpted gold met that desire. Today, Arthur King jewelry seldom comes to auction and continues to be sought and collected by international collectors. His vivacious personality lives on as legend.

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