Rago is pleased to include The Smithsonian Women’s Committee Visionary Benefit Auction within our Modern Design sale on May 14th. This special section features works created by past and present Smithsonian Visionary Artists and by the winners of the new Smithsonian Women’s Committee Delphi Award. 

All lots in the Smithsonian Women's Committee Visionary Artists Benefit Auction are of the primary market, unless otherwise indicated. The auction raises funds to support projects and initiatives across the Smithsonian institution. All works will be shipped directly from the artist of the gallery.

Smithsonian Visionary Award

The Smithsonian Visionary Award, established in 2014, is presented annually to artists who are deemed by curators in the field to have risen to the pinnacle in the world of sculptural arts and design, who have works in major museums, and who have demonstrated distinction, creativity, artistry, and, of course, vision in his or her respective medium.

David Ellsworth
2021 Visionary Award Recipient

Michael Hurwitz
2021 Visionary Award Recipient

David Ellsworth and Michael Hurwitz join the small but prestigious list of past recipients: Patti Warashina, Joyce J. Scott, Faith Ringgold, Dale Chihuly, Toots Zynsky, Wendell Castle, and Albert Paley.

Patti Warashina

2020 Visionary Award Recipient

Joyce J. Scott

2019 Visionary Award Recipient

Faith Ringgold

2017 Visionary Award Recipient

Dale Chihuly

2016 Visionary Award Recipient

Toots Zynsky

2015 Visionary Award Recipient

Wendell Castle

2014 Visionary Award Recipient

Albert Paley

2014 Visionary Award Recipient

Smithsonian Women's Committee Delphi Artists

The Smithsonian Women's Committee Delphi Award, created in 2021, will be presented annually to one or more mid-career artists whose work demonstrates distinction, creativity, and exceptional artistry, and who are predicted for greatness by experts in the field. 

Steven Young Lee
2021 SWC Delphi Award Recipient

Robert Lugo
2021 SWC Delphi Award Recipient

The Smithsonian Women's Committee Visionary Benefit Auction

Lots 831–843 of Modern Design on May 14th

To participate, create an account and register to bid for Modern Design. You may leave bids in advance or arrange to participate live online or by phone on the day of sale.

For additional information, contact us at 609 397 9374 or bids@ragoarts.com

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