Bringing Art Back to Scotland

The Legacy of Steven Campbell

After leaving behind his career as a steelworker in Glasgow at the age of 25, Steven Campbell wasted no time establishing himself as the future of Scottish art. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in New York in 1982 and it was there that his career took off with prominent galleries showing interest in his surreal and chaotic figurative works. He returned home triumphant, proving that Scotland could indeed occupy a position on the international art scene, and over the years, worked tirelessly to continue pushing the boundaries of his art. Though his paintings and installations were often met with varied and sometimes hostile reviews, his importance to Scottish art and his influence on its future has always been undeniable. This short documentary, created through the Steven Campbell Trust and Cardonald College in 2010, highlights the artist's career and includes interviews with writer and illustrator, John Byrne and painter, Sandy Moffat.