H. Moser and Cie

The H. Moser story begins in 1828 in St. Petersburg. Heinrich Moser, a highly trained Swiss watchmaker decided he wanted to produce watches of the highest order and craftsmanship. By the mid-1800s H. Moser was considered among the most respected watchmaking names in Russia. In 1874, Heinrich died with no heir willing to take over, and so the company was sold. The new management continued the legacy of Moser until they were forced to leave Russia during the October Revolution in 1917. 

Fast forward to 2005, the Moser family decided it was time to come back into the mix of fine watchmaking and the brand was formally relaunched. One innovative idea after another followed, making H. Moser and Cie one of the most prolific brands in the modern era. They have become synonymous with their distinctive funky, concept dials and their genius perpetual calendar complication. In 2012, the family-owned conglomerate MELB Holding Group purchased the brand in its entirety. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength; now making eight in house proprietary movements and producing only 1,200 watches a year. It is hard to talk about modern independent watchmaking today without mentioning H. Moser and Cie. They are distinctive both in their design language and in their supreme craftsmanship.