Alain Silberstein

The Independant Watch Maker

Alain Silberstein is by trade a French architectural designer. You might think he has no business being the watch industry, but alas, you would be wrong. Inspired by the German Bauhaus movement, Alain has established a unique style that is second to none. His colorful and modern take on some of the most important modern watches has enthusiasts and collectors vying for more. 

His eponymous brand launched in 1990. As an independant watchmaker, without a board of directors, financial expectations or a responsibility to brand heritage, Alain had the freedom to design as he desired. His watches don't have extremely innovative movements or beautiful movement finishing, but Alain's dial, case and pusher designs are legendary in their own right. In fact, one can argure that Alain was the very first person or brand to make an entire watch out of clear sapphire case. 

Alain Silberstein and his wife Sylvia have created an original and universally loved style that is both fun to wear and a pleasure to look at, and they stand among the most influential watch designers today.