A Color Changing Gem

Kat Florence has used Zultanite, a beautiful, rare and collectable color change gem variety of Diaspore in several of her pieces. It is a single source stone coming from one high altitude mine in the Ilbir Mountains of Turkey. This unusual stone has the ability to change color depending on the light source. It can be a khaki to sage green hue that morphs into salmon pinks and raspberry. Kat’s use and understanding of exotic stones combined with D flawless diamonds and precious metals are what makes her jewelry so special. Her style is timeless, romantic and feminine. Kat can tell you about every piece in her collection and why a particular stone or technique was chosen, but the starting point is always the gems.

Each gemstone has its own story that has to be told and unveiled...I like to think of them as “alive”, with true potentials to discover.

Kat Florence

Kat Florence

Kat Florence is a world renowned jewelry designer, educator, scientist and dog lover. Through her vast world travels and varied life experiences, she brings to life her unique design sensibility with the use of exceptional gemstones blended with precious metals.

Kat studied biology, and received a Master’s of Education. The scientist in her gives her an appreciation for the beauty of the gems she uses, while the educator in her allowed her to travel to teach in Thailand. While there, Kat tapped into a long held interest in jewelry making. She was able to take a “hands on “approach to learning the craft of jewelry design and fabrication from diamond cutters, gold carvers and CAD designers. She developed these skills and began designing her own pieces.

Kat’s pieces, which can take up to 18 months to design and craft use some of the finest and most unusual gemstones in the world. Some of her favorites are Paraiba tourmaline, Himalayan Sphene, Tsavorite, Rubellite, unheated sapphires, D flawless diamonds, and Zultanite.

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