David Yurman

David Yurman’s brand began as a love story and then a collaboration between him and his wife, Sybil. David, a sculptor, and Sybil, a painter, had a chance meeting at the gallery of Hans Van de Bovenkamp in 1969. After being mentored by Ernesto Gonzalez, a Cuban welder and sculptor, David was honing his skills by creating metal sculptures and jewelry at Van de Bovenkamp’s studio in the West Village. He considered these pieces “drawings in space.” David met Sybil when she applied for a job at the studio and the two quickly fell in love.

David’s foray into jewelry making was serendipitous. Sybil had an art gallery opening to attend, so David created a necklace of two intertwined figures for her. The gallery owner was so taken with this piece he asked David to reproduce it for sale in his gallery. David declined, saying it was too personal to be sold commercially. However, the interest in this necklace set in motion the creation of a jewelry company.

The husband-and-wife duo launched their company in 1980 with the idea of creating jewelry that was wearable art. In 1983, the now iconic “cable” motif was created. Taking inspiration from twisted forms in nature and architecture, the motif adds depth and movement which can be seen in almost all aspects of the Yurman brand. It graces bracelets, rings, wedding collections, men’s jewelry, and timepieces. In 1997 Yurman took another bold step in jewelry design, being the first prominent designer to incorporate diamonds set in sterling silver, an idea that continues to this day.

Today, David Yurman is still a family-owned and run business. David is still involved in all aspects of the creative process, while Sybil is the Chief Brand Officer. Their son, Evan, now oversees the men’s collection and timepieces.

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