Graphic Modern Jewelry

Founded in 1947 by Jerome Grossbardt and Larry Asch, the firm Asch/Grossbardt is known for their signature inlay jewelry. The attention to detail is evident in their intricately set hand-cut semi-precious gemstones which often include lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, and black onyx paired beautifully against yellow gold with accents of diamonds. Their inlay technique is evocative of decorative stained-glass windows, with displays of vibrant color. After the mosaicked gemstones are set, each piece is polished on a wheel until the stones are sinuously smoothed into a single continuous piece. 

Asch/Grossbardt jewelry has an effortless everyday appeal, gaining them favor not only in their New York City headquarters, but by retailers around the world. Often collected, their beautiful creations are highly sought after.