A Walking Artist

I describe myself as ‘a walking artist’.
Walking art is the bringing together of two entirely separate activities, walking and art.

I transform ideas into experienced realities.
If I do not make a walk I cannot make any art.

I am an artist who walks, not a walker who makes art.
Not every artist enjoys walking
and not every walker is tolerant of contemporary art.

An artwork may be purchased,
but my walks cannot be sold,
stolen or re-produced by artificial intelligence.
An artwork cannot re-present the experience of a walk.

My walks range from multi-week solo camping treks
to short communal urban walks
involving up to several hundred participants.

Every piece of art I materialise contains a walk text.
I make art exclusively from walks that I have personally experienced.

When the walk has been completed, the text can be written.
The facts of the walk cannot be altered,
but as time passes
the walks may be re-evaluated and re-contextualised.

When I say that ‘the walk is the art’,
I simply mean that ‘the walk’
is my contribution to contemporary art.

‘A walk’ may exist purely as a walk,
but the ‘artwork’ cannot be created without the walk.

Walks are facts for the walker and fiction for everyone else.
Walking Art.
Neither of these two words specify an art medium,
thereby suggesting openness and potential.

Walking is the connecting experience
for a wide range of concerns and disciplines.
Slowness. Slow transport, health, meditation,
protest, escape,
pilgrimage, ritual,
dance, art…
walking is magic.

—Hamish Fulton, 2019
excerpted from artist's text prepared for Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin. Read in full.