King of Diamonds

Harry Winston Jewelry

In today’s diamond world, Harry Winston, Inc. is a household name. The firm was founded in 1932 by Harry Winston, a gifted gemologist, businessman, and philanthropist often called the “King of Diamonds” and “Jeweler to the Stars.” His passion for rare diamonds was unparalleled, and he built a brand that continually redefined the standards and expectations of high-end jewelry and watchmaking. For his designs, he allowed each diamond or gemstone to guide the process, stating “No two diamonds are alike”. 

Harry Winston had one of the most impressive historical diamond collections in the world (second to the British Royal Family according to Life magazine in 1952). Most notably, he acquired and then later donated, the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution, as a “gift to the world”. His patrons included actress Elizabeth Taylor, Jaqueline Kennedy, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The House of Harry Winston has retail salons worldwide, in Paris, Tokyo, and New York.

The Hope Diamond