Kinetic Magnetism

The Art of Takis

Born in Greece, Panayiotis Vassilakis, better known as Takis, is recognized internationally as a leader in kinetic sculpture. Takis often incorporated magnetism, electricity, light, and sound into sculptures, public and performance art. ‘Signals’ is his most well-known series, one he continued to develop and expand over five decades; elements of the works include bulbs, fireworks, and metal rods. His interest in magnetism would lead to his Télésculptures series and other notable works. Takis was drawn towards the blend of art and science, sometimes even obsessing with new ways to meld the two. Takis had a prolific career with exhibitions worldwide. 

Vassilakis Takis at an exhibition of his work at Galerie Krikaar, 1967

Takis is working with and expressing in his sculpture thought forms of metal … you can hear metal think in the electromagnetic fields.

William Burroughs