In Support of Glass Art in Ukraine

Rago is honored to present Unbreakable Ukraine, a selection of contemporary glasswork from Ukrainian artists. This collection was organized by Jeff Hillam, who visited Lviv in September of 2022, and aims to bring awareness and support to the hot shop at the Glass Museum in Lviv shared by the Lviv National Academy of Arts. 

All proceeds will support the hot shop and the artists in their efforts to thrive and create in spite of war. 

"Though Lviv was safe at the time of our visit, the signs of wartime preparation were everywhere. Blockade equipment littered the roadways, ready to be used at a moment's notice. We encountered military checkpoints and public displays of national solidarity along the way. Old churches had metal sheets installed over their stained glass windows to ensure that bombings would not shatter their beauty. Statues were covered and shielded with canvas and rope, to protect the city's cultural heritage. But what stood out brightly in contrast to the darkness of these visuals, was the steadfast Ukrainian determination to maintain normalcy, optimism and hope."
Jeff Hillam

Alisha Hillam, Jeff Hillam (holding a work by Andriy Bokotey) and Mykhaylo (Mike) Bokotey at the Lviv Glass Museum, 2022. Photo courtesy of Jeff Hillam.

Learn more about the Glass Museum in Lviv and the Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Igor Matsiyevskyy

Born in Lviv in 1963, Igor Matsiyevskyy graduated from the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Art's (now Lviv National Academy of Arts) Glass Art Department (1985). He then worked as a glass blower at the Lviv Experimental Ceramic and Sculptural Factory (1987-2005). He has been a participant in regional, all-Ukrainian, international solo and group exhibitions since 1983 and is head of the Glass Art Section of the Lviv Regional Artist’s Union. His works are included in museum and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, USA, Australia, Germany, Argentina and Spain. He creates in the field of sculpture, decorative glass art, and glassware design.