There are not that many watch manufactures that can boast having clientele such as Marie Antoinette and Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples. Breguet can. In 1775, Abraham Louis Breguet, left his home in Neufchâtel and headed towards Versailles to open up a workshop where he gets an introduction to the French Court, and the French aristocracy become his top clients. Brugeut left France during the revolution, only to return and rebuild his business in 1795.

A.L. Breguet boasts several world’s firsts including the creation of the Tourbillon, the first self-winding watch, and the creation of the first wristwatch among his many achievements. His eponymous brand, has since become so influential in the watchmaking sphere that they have their very own set of hands and numerals that are called “Breguet Hands” and “Breguet Numerals”. Breguet is also known for making guilloché mainstream and numerous other industry “firsts” including the Breguet overcoil and the Breguet hairspring. Watchmaking in its current form would not be where it is today had it not been for the history of this great manufacture. Today, Breguet is under Swatch Group is among the very most high value propositions on the market.

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