Louis Kuppenheim (1824-1889) opened his workshop on Altstädter Straße in Pforzheim, Germany in 1857. Here they focused primarily on the productions of cases, purses, and sophisticated jewelry designs. In 1889, when Louis passed, his sons Hugo, Moritz, and Albert took over the family business. The family decided to honor Louis’s legacy and kept the company trademarked as Louis Kuppenheim. They relocated several times throughout Germany over the years and in 1900, Louis Kuppenheim opened an atelier in Paris. In 1920, Albert’s son, Ludwig joined the business. This sparked a growth in the company, as he opened an import/export branch of the business. The Paris location was utilized mostly as a retailer, where they sold the lovely creations from their Pforzheim workshop. They also produce pieces for other houses, most notably Cartier, specializing in cases and smoking accessories.