Toshiko Takaezu

Art and Friendship

The present lot is one of several that comes from the collection of long-time personal friends of Toshiko Takaezu. The collectors started procuring her work in the early 1990s and have amassed a stunning selection that not only exhibits the breadth and depth of Takaezu’s production but also speaks to their connection and friendship. Over the years they would spend many hours with Toshiko. She was known for her green thumb and love of cooking; the collectors enjoyed many delicious meals together, they also helped her tend to her vegetable garden, assisted in cleaning her pots as well enjoyed excursions to countless galleries and museums in the tri-state area—Toshiko always had something planned to make the most of their time together.

Visiting Toshiko's studio in Quakertown, New Jersey

The collectors would also spend time with Toshiko during her yearly winter pilgrimage to her native Hawaii, where they also owned a gallery. Toshiko was inspired by Hawaii, incorporating the lush colors—blues, purples, and whites—of the landscape into her works. Toshiko lived in an area of Honolulu known as Punnui and her brother had a home across the street. She used one of his spare rooms to store some of her pieces, which is where the collectors found some of the pieces they acquired. 

When in Hawaii, the collectors took ceramics classes at the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) in downtown Honolulu where Toshiko had started a ceramics studio in 1948. She remained involved in the studio, hosting occasional fundraising sales to support the endeavor. The selection offered here are coming to the market for the first time since their acquisition directly from the artist. 

One of many personal letters from the artist to the present owners