Founded in 1922, Raymond C. Yard Inc. is an American jewelry house that continues to quietly produce exceptional fine jewelry. Born in 1885, Raymond C. Yard’s life epitomized the American dream. The son of a railroad worker, Yard started working in 1898, at age 13, as a door boy at Marcus & Co. and steadily worked his way up, becoming one of the firm’s most successful salesmen by the time he was in his 30s. In 1922, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., one of Marcus & Co.’s best patrons, urged him to establish his own firm. His distinctive Art Deco jewels attracted the attention of movie stars such as Joan Crawford and notable families like the Vanderbilt's. His use of exceptional rubies and moonstones are distinctive and his house brooches and rabbit cocktail waiter have become iconic designs. Setting high standards for himself and the company, Raymond Yard became one of the most respected American names in jewelry, known for their use of pristine gemstones and fine craftsmanship.

Robert Gibson (left) and Raymond Yard (right); Image via

When Yard retired in 1958, his protégé and lifelong friend, Robert Gibson, took over the firm (Yard met Gibson when he was 17 and working as a golf caddy). Gibson ran the firm for fifty-two years in the tradition of Yard using the highest quality gems. Today, his son, Bob Gibson, also continues to pay tribute to Yard’s classic style.