Gübelin’s humble beginnings trace back to 1854. Since then, their use of high-quality gemstones, diamonds, and fastidiousness has gained them a loyal following. It started when Mauritz Breitschmid opened a little watchmaker’s shop on the Pfistergasse in Lucerne, Switzerland. Eduard Jakob Gübelin (born in 1861) later apprenticed under Breitschmid, and in 1886 he married Breitschmid’s daughter, Bertha Sophia. That same year Gübelin and Breitschmid became business partners. As their fine work was appreciated, they moved to various locations throughout the city, until they settled on the Lucerne, Swiss boutique that is still used today.

Beyond their superb knowledge regarding horology, the House of Gübelin also developed a name for themselves in the jewelry industry. In the 1920s the firm founded a jewelry specific atelier and a gemological laboratory ensuring their jewelers only used authentic diamonds and gemstones. Their reputation soon spread across the globe.

Today, Gübelin is run by sixth generation Raphael Gübelin and his wife Wilvy Sy Gübelin. The business has expanded exponentially in 165 years with seven locations in Switzerland, a boutique and extension of their gem lab in Hong Kong, a gem lab in New York City, and e-boutiques accessible worldwide.

Absolute authenticity remains at the core of Gübelin’s identity; they want every customer to know that their expert and highly trained gemologists have meticulously analyzed all gemstones, providing them with only the most luxurious pieces.

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