Valerie Jo Coulson

Jewelry and Sacred Geometry

Valerie Jo Coulson has been an independent studio jeweler for over 35 years, forging her own unique path and remaining close to her native Lancaster, PA roots. She was exposed to the arts early in her upbringing by her artist father and textile designer mother. Coulson creates jewelry that puts one in touch with sacred geometry and tells stories related to her belief that we are stewards of our earth. Her structural forms in silver or gold are left open to create windows or compartments, or they are inlaid with various hard stones like black jade, tiger’s eye, agates, jasper, sugilite and turquoise. Each finished piece exhibits an inherent perfection and mastery of technique that she has achieved as a master goldsmith and jeweler.

In a recent interview for Le Gemmologue, Marie Chabrol aptly called Coulson a ‘discreet’ jeweler. In a world so guided by commerce, Coulson has been guided by integrity, connectedness to her art, and to the people that it touches. Her achievements are internationally recognized, and she is the recipient of four Saul Bell Design awards. Her work is featured in the 2020 art book BBeyond Jewellery: Spectacular and Collectible Pieces and can be found in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, a museum with a dedicated jewelry curator.