Paul Morelli

The House of Paul Morelli has been a preeminent jewelry designer in America since 1981. Coming from a long family tradition of costume making in the Philadelphia theater district (the Morellis created one-of-a-kind and handmade costumes for productions across the country), Paul Morelli followed his passion for art and soon found an interest in fine jewels and metallurgy. He transformed the family company into The House of Paul Morelli creating jewelry inspired by the worlds of fashion and costume design.

What makes Paul Morelli’s jewelry so special is his desire to drive the creative process from start to finish. All of the work is done in-house. Morelli’s design sensibility ranges from classic designs like Diamonds on a Wire, to his Wild Child collection where he applies gems and gold flowers to acrylic forms. Paul, working with a skilled team of artisans and craftsmen, collaborates using time honored methods while employing the newest technologies to create coveted pieces that will be future heirlooms.

His team employs models using the wax mold method and 3-D printing techniques to realize design concepts that combine the visible front and the skin facing back side of each work. As with many other types of art, the back of the piece tells much about the care and attention to detail that the creation was given. There is evidence of this in Morelli’s work, where the back is as beautiful as the front.

Paul Morelli’s jewelry can be found at some of the most prestigious retailers in the world including Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Harrods of London. He also has a flagship boutique in NYC on Madison Avenue.

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