Bjorn Weckström’s Flame Bronze series was inspired by the military and American automotive industry. Flame Bronze refers to the unique dark patinas used to highlight the structural designs and each item within the series was named for the industrial theme, such as the International Arms Ins. necklace. Comprised of eight rings, seven pendants, four belts, and three bracelets, Weckström’s series was executed by Lapponia for a short period during the 1970s. 

Björn Weckström on Jewelry as Sculpture, Art and Power

Finnish nature is reflected in my formal language. My goal when I create for Lapponia is to make something totally new, totally different and to add three dimensionality to jewelry, to make small sculptures. When I see a final piece where everything is right, that is a moment of joy.

Björn Weckström

Lapponia was founded by the collaboration of Pekka Antilla and designer, Björn Weckström. Their aim was to elevate jewelry as art form and in 1965 they took home the Grand Prix at the International Jewelry Contest in Rio de Janeiro. This gave them world recognition, but their next big moment gave them even more, when in 1977 Princess Leia wore the Panetoid Valleys necklace in Star Wars.

Ambassador V.P.Gatti presenting Björn Weckström
the Rio de Janeiro design competition prizes in 1965.