My pieces have more balance than symmetry.

Lilly Fitzgerald

Lilly Fitzgerald b. 1951

Lilly Fitzgerald studied liberal arts at the University of Rhode Island, took art classes at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and studied sculpture, paintings, and basic metals, clay, and fiber at the Worcester Art Museum. Though diverse, her education did not include any formal jewelry training, rather, she learned the majority of her skills through trial and error and studying books and jewelry repair manuals. She began by making jewelry for her sister and then moved on to selling pieces to friends. Not long after, she dropped out of school and began her jewelry business in 1976.

In the germinal years of her career she worked with copper, as she could not afford anything more costly. She then moved on to silver before finally working with gold. Now, all of her work is hand-made entirely with 22 karat yellow or rose gold. Fitzgerald is particularly drawn to gold because of the way it highlights gemstones and how it ages. Her pieces are inspired, as she explains, “by that which I see around me everyday and in my travels... hub caps, doorknobs, the shape of a branch on a tree, building shapes, the detail on a fence post, stones and natural materials” and the resulting creations are always fresh and unique. Fitzgerald’s work rarely comes to auction and can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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