Niessing flower discs are created in various sizes and metals, with a variety of hand-forged textures. Elegant, yet playful, the flowers can be worn platinum or gold facing, providing the wearer multiple possibilities.  

The one thing that is absolutely unthinkable to us is mass production.


Founded in 1873 by Hermann Niessing near the Dutch border in Vreden, Germany, Niessing proudly combines handcraft techniques with contemporary technologies in jewelry making. Embracing Bauhaus principles such as, merging craft and art, true materials, and simplicity and minimalism, Niessing first made a name crafting wedding bands. With technological finesse, they formed a continuous circle without a seam to express never ending commitment and love.

Their most well-known design, the award-winning and patented “Niessing Spannring” features a circle of precious metal that holds a floating diamond by perfect tension. The ingenuity of Niessing doesn’t stop here; in 1986, Niessing invented the “coil” to bring a more modern and simple design to pendant necklaces.

Working with precious metals, is at the heart of Niessing, where they create their own alloys of various colored gold and now silver. The combination of new technologies and delicate hand-forging sets Niessing apart.

Niessing jewelry remains rare to auction, a true testament to its lasting relevance from good design.

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