Pierre Cardin

The Legendary Couturier

Often called a visionary and futurist, the Italian born French fashion designer Pierre Cardin has always been known for breaking boundaries and is credited with releasing women from the confinement of form fitting garments. Highlights of his career include: designing the ‘bubble’ dress; founding ready-to-wear; dressing Jackie Kennedy, Lauren Bacall, and The Beatles; becoming the first civilian to try on Buzz Aldrin’s NASA space suit; gracing TIME magazine’s cover in 1974 in only a towel; holding fashion shows in Red Square, Moscow and on the Great Wall of China; and creating the performance space Espace Cardin. 

Time magazine, December 1974 featuring Pierre Cardin on the cover

Cardin’s space-age fashion features geometric decorative details. His jewelry designs directly correlate and employ geometric shapes in mixed metals of silver and gold, like the disc reminiscent of a flying saucer. As Pierre Cardin nears 100 years in age, he remains widely celebrated, the Brooklyn museum launched a retrospective exhibition, ‘Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion’, in December of 2019 and September of 2020 saw the release of the film, ‘House of Cardin’. 

I like water or wine. But not wine mixed with water.

Pierre Cardin