Beauty and Color

Graff Jewelry Design

Graff, the international jeweler so highly regarded for the finest diamond jewelry, began in 1960 with the vision of one man, Laurence Graff. He brought a 20th century perspective to high jewelry redefining what it can be, and today, in the 21st century, Graff continues to break the boundaries of craft and design. Diamonds are at the heart of Graff jewelry. With expertise and passion, Graff has expanded the territory featuring colored diamonds, especially yellow, in their designs. 

Graff's interest in color does not stop at diamonds. Gems with bright hues and exceptional clarity—such as saphhires in blue, pink and orange—stand out in his designs. In 2014, Laurence Graff paid a record price of $8.6 million dollars for an 8.62 cts. Burma ruby, now known as the “Graff Ruby”. It was the second time he purchased this “pigeon blood” red gem, whose price doubled in between.