Roberto Faraone Mennella

Roberto Faraone Mennella made his mark in the world of fine jewelry during his lifetime cut short by cancer in June of 2020. He and his partner Amedeo Scognamiglio came to New York City from southern Italy and founded their jewelry brand Faraone Mennella in 2001. 

The 'Stella' hoop earring launched their early success, when Kim Cattrall's Sex in the City character Samantha wore them and other Faraone jewels on the show. Like the present lot, the earrings and many of their pieces, are simple, sleek, and extremely well crafted. They look substantial without being too big and they are inventive without being too complicated. 

Faraone Mennella created everyday high jewelry for women. Roberto Faraone Mennella is remembered as part of the duo who took the jewelry world by storm and he lives on in the jewels he brought to life.

Samantha in Sex in the City wearing Faraone Mennella hoops