Silver and Gold

Jules Wièse Jewelry Designs

Jules Wièse is largely regarded as one of the leading silver and goldsmiths of the 19th Century. Born in Berlin, he began his career at the age of sixteen when he had to opportunity to apprentice with court goldsmith, Johann Georg Hossaeur. As he grew more skilled, he moved to Paris where he eventually started working for the master jeweler, Froment-Meurice, as a workshop manager. He preferred creating sculptural pieces of jewelry that epitomized the Renaissance Revival, often incorporating mythological creatures, as we see in this bracelet, of cherub musicians. 

The present lot was included in the 1971 exhibition From Slave to Siren: The Victorian Woman and her Jewelry, From Neoclassic to Art Nouveau at The Duke University Museum of Art. The bracelet was also documented in Dora Jane Janson's book that accompanied the exhibition, and a copy of the book is included with the purchase of this lot.