Satori (悟り) is a Japanese Buddhist term for growth by awakening. It refers to understanding an inner intuitive experience of enlightenment, of seeing into one's true nature. It is said to be unexplainable by reason and logic.

It comes to you as an insight which happens suddenly, and changes you forever. It happens anywhere—listening to music, looking at art, in conversation—a flash of sudden awareness, a feeling of infinite space. 

This is what I feel when surrounded by sky, sea, shell, sand and stone. I feel free and empowered. From deep within, I expand as I breathe in and become “one” with nature. 

This sculpture, Satori Awakening 585, was made from branches I found on the beach, and created with other art works after a trip to Japan. It became part of my series, I Am the Environment. Together with my video Waterside Protector, collages and paintings they address my continuing pursuit of Satori.                                

Linda Stein b. 1943

Linda Stein is a feminist artist, activist, educator, performer, and writer. She is the Founding President of the non-profit Have Art: Will Travel! Inc. (HAWT) for Gender Justice, addressing bullying and diversity. HAWT currently oversees two traveling exhibitions: The Fluidity of Gender: Sculpture by Linda Stein (FoG) and Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females – Tapestries and Sculpture by Linda Stein (H2F2). Additional exhibitions prepared to travel include Sexism and Masculinities/Feminities: Exploring, Exploding, Expanding Gender Stereotypes (SMF), which explores gender scrambling and bigotry prevalent in the art world and beyond;  Displacement from Home: What to Leave, What to Take (DC4) is an abstract expressionistic series surrounding issues of global displacement, traumatic memory and loss, and the solace of sanctuary and safety; and I Am The Environment reflects on individual responsibility over the welfare of our earth.