Imaginative Craftsmanship

Based in Frenchtown, NJ, Bret Cavanaugh’s background includes wood carving, antique car restoration, leather work, and metal fabrication. His furniture is a synthesis of this diverse skill set, featuring repurposed materials rich with age and history; metals; and bold finishes. One can see echoes of the New Hope modernists such as George Nakashima, Paul Evans, and Phil Powell (Frenchtown is just two river towns north of New Hope, PA) in Cavanaugh’s use of free edges, resourceful materials, and inventive finishes. Yet Cavanaugh has built on these influences to forge his own aesthetic of functional, streamlined modern design. His work continues the legacy of studio craft on the Delaware River into the 21st century.

An exquisite dining table is more than just a piece of custom furniture. It inspires a distinct emotional reaction.

Bret Cavanaugh