Gravesen’s work went unnoticed for decades until it was rediscovered by author Sune Riishede in two 1960s Danish furniture advertisements. The present lot was made during his time in New York and is representative of his mature work. It illustrates his mastery over both medium and form, pulsates with simultaneously frenetic yet controlled energy, and inhabits that nebulous space between sculpture and fine art.

Fog & Mørup advertisement featuring an Oluf Gravesen wall panel

Property from a New York Collection

Eclectic and whimsical, this diverse collection was assembled with an eye for aesthetics and features everything from folk art and fine art to industrial ephemera and vintage advertising signs. Among the most unique pieces are a life-size folk art Harley Davidson motorcycle sculpture and a gold-plated Roccanti racing bicycle. Highlights include works by Dustin Yellin, Lowell Nesbitt, Karl Springer, William Kent, and Jesse Howard.