Rago is delighted to bring to market a spectacular collection of Rookwood assembled by Hilda and Ted Pritsker over the course of several decades. Featured are many rare and exceptional works, including a Sea Green lamp by Kataro Shiramadani and Tiffany Studios, a Relief Iris vase by William McDonald, and over twenty plaques. Also among the collection are pieces by Frederick Rhead for Roseville and plaques by Newcomb College.

A Rookwood Love Story

Written by Hilda and Ted's family

The following collection represents not only a love story between two people, but  also their mutual love of art pottery. Hilda and Ted Pritsker were high school sweethearts in Philadelphia after WWII. They married after college and moved to Dallas with their two young children in 1960. Collecting was their shared passion and they ran an antiques business together for many years. They often reminisced about the sun coming up as they set up their booth in a pasture for an outdoor show, the mist and dew rising, both of them eager and excited over possibilities to come. Together they enjoyed flea markets, art shows, and auctions, always on the hunt for something unusual, beautiful, or special. 


Rookwood: The Pritsker Collection

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Preview / Lambertville
11 – 17 January 2020
12 – 5 pm Monday –Saturday
12 – 3:30 pm Sunday

Auction / Lambertville
18 January 2020
11 am est