John Vickery

John Vickery developed his paintings in the same spirit of other Op artists of his generation, using a deep understanding of color theory and composition to create works works that vibrate, heightening the viewer's sensory perceptions and deepening the process of looking at art. Born in Australia in 1906, Vickery lived in New York during the 1950s and worked alongside some of the great Abstract Expressionists of the era, such as Joan Mitchell and Willem de Kooning. He eventually broke away from this style to pursue Op Art, trading the visceral mark of expressionism for a more minimalist approach, valuing form over content and the eye above all else. His work is held in notable institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, the New Jersey State Museum, Trenton and the Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, among others. Vickery passed awway in 1983.

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